Venue rental



The Celebration hall with crystal chandeliers is the most luxurious event hall in Riga. Restored to its pre-war outlook and decorated with portraits of kings, it perfectly serves for both beautiful celebrations and prominent receptions. This is the place where Latvian public officials have hosted their foreign guests and our most outstanding performers have held concerts. The Lubeck hall and offices are convenient to locate service staff and a separate banquet area; the wide terrace overlooks the Town Hall Square adjoining the hall. 



The Lubeck hall is used for press conferences as well as serving banquet tables.




The Latvian hall displays works of excellent Latvian painters of the second half of the 20th century – Indulis Zariņš, Aleksandrs Stankēvičs, Rita Valnere. The interior is made in wood and linen.




On the ground floor of House of the Black Heads there are historical cabinet that, during a temporary residence, served as the working cabinet of President of Latvia. Once there was an archive of the Black Heads as well as legendary relics. 




The restored House of the Black Heads is built on historical, several times refurbished, medieval cellars that after the destruction of the house remained under the newly made square.

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