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The Black Heads House has welcomed the first visitors

During the last holidays, the Black Heads House opened the door to the first visitors by offering to see and explore the exquisite halls, offices of presidents, historical cellars and exhibition housed in the building.

Both the inhabitants of Riga and the guests got to know the history of the House, enjoyed its splendour and the mysterious atmosphere of medieval cellars.

From now on everyone is welcome to visit the House of Blackheads and its exhibition. The House, located in Riga, Ratslaukums 7, is open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00 (the last visitor at 17.15). You will find more information about the House and the possibilities to visit it on www.melngalvjunams.lv

You can also book your excursions by calling +371 67043678 or by writing to .

History of the Black Heads House reaches back into the past for almost 700 years. The House was built in 1334 as a part of Town Hall Squire ensemble of the Riga city. Historical basic function of the House was to promote business: for several centuries it was a meeting place for traders and sailors.

Today as well the newly rebuilt House in the very heart of the Old Riga can be viewed as the city’s business card and is one of the central representation premises of the city of Riga.

Lauma Kalniņa photos: http://www.melngalvjunams.lv/lv/galleries/view/1591


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