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Already for 700 hundred years the House of Blackheads pleases and enraptures inhabitants and guests of Riga. This is one of the most magnificent buildings in Riga, preserving both the unique historic heritage of the legendary Brotherhood of Blackheads, and the history of Riga.

The House of Blackheads was built in the distant 1334 as a constituent of Riga's Town Hall ensemble. Historically, the basic function of this building was promotion of entrepreneurship – for several centuries it was the place for gathering of merchants and navigators. It was a building, which literally maintained the economic circulation in Riga and its trade connections with Western and Eastern partners.


The spirit of the House of Blackheads was created by the strenuous and joyful Blackheads, who, being young and unmarried merchants, stood out with their temper and great enthusiasm of organizing various celebrations and cultural events. Their enthusiasm made this building one of the main centres of culture, which determined the pulse of the public life of the entire city.

For centuries the House of Blackheads was the cultural epicentre of Riga, gathering the most respectable inhabitants of Riga and their guests, during celebrations organized by the Blackheads and their successors. This building, which is situated in the heart of Old Riga, is the symbol of Riga and among the central premises of representation of Riga – not for nothing also the President of Latvia has chosen the House of Blackheads as his temporary residence for almost four years!

Also nowadays the House of Blackheads offers the most luxurious and prestigious premises for organization of significant events, concerts, solemn dinners, banquets, conferences and other cultural events. Each event, organized in the royal premises of the House of Blackheads, becomes unforgettable, because it is filled with the special atmosphere of this building and mysterious fortune of the Blackheads.

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